Apollo is a new species of industrial robot, a direct replacement for a robotic arm, at 1/10th the price. Apollo is a long travel Hexapod with similar speed and range of motion as a Delta Robot, with the addition of 6-axis articulation as well as higher torque and precision. Apollo is Open Source, Open Hardware, and designed to be efficient and affordable; a new paradigm in robotics. Pre-Order an Apollo k5 Kit now for $1,999, or a Fully Assembled Apollo 5 Industrial for $4,999. To Pre-Order email Staff@OSPOM.com .

Apollo k5 Specifications

Apollo k5.S: Payload=10kg, Travel XY=0.5m, Z=0.3m
Apollo k5.M: Payload=5kg, Travel XY=1.0m, Z=0.5m
Apollo k5.L: Payload=1.5kg, Travel XY=1.5m, Z=0.7m
Resolution: 0.1mm
Max Velocity: 1m/s
Power Supply: input 100-240vac, output 24vdc 250w
Avg Power Usage: 70 watts
Robot Weight: 11kg
Frame Size: 36cm x 36cm x 36cm
Duty Cycle: Continuous

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